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We're here to care for your pets when you can't. Need your dog fed and/or walked while you're away? Need some company for your kitty? Need the litter box cleaned or your backyard pooper scooped?  We're here for you!  Not only are we reliable but we're also a fully licensed, Bonded and insured company as well.   702 979-1599   


Mary Pops In provides the best care for your fur babies when you can't be there!

Meet  us.

Rose "Mary" Jones

A Mother and daughter team but don't let that fool you there are still other family member's that love animals that will be on staff at your dogs bark or cat's meow.

Mother of 4, found my 1st dog while it was living on the street and tried to bring him in the house without my mom knowing but it didn't work.  I was caught; but I begged and she gave in but told me the 1st time there was a mess, out he goes.  That dog wore me out but I fell in love with him, his name was Prince, we never knew what he was but he was mine.

Had quite a few dogs in my lifetime that  I had to get past people from my mom to a husband who was not fond of animals but grew to love them all.   I raised 4 kids and lots of pets from turtles, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, and cats.  It was like fern gully for a while but so much fun, boy I kinda miss those days (note I said kinda).  Just kidding!  Anyway the love never left and it shows in my children.

I've been in Las Vegas since 1993 owned quite a few businesses while raising my children which provided me time to be with them after school.  Had a major cleaning service for 12 years with a great staff, so I understand accountability and responsibility. We were always on time and never ever had a problem.  Clients said I spoiled their pets and they looked forward to me coming and hated when I left.  My passion is for the innocent my fur babies as I call them, I should have been a vet! 

Nadiyah Jones

A Michigan native who moved to Las Vegas with the family in 1993 and graduated from Green Valley High School with Honors in 1998.  From Green Valley I attended UNLV on an academic scholarship, got my real estate license, and graduated in 2003 with a degree in Financial Services.

I'm an athlete who loves sports, animals, gardening, working out, cooking, and playing Scrabble aka Words with Friends online (wink wink).  Since I can remember we've had animals.  I vaguely remember the family Doberman Pinscher, Hodgie; I was a toddler when we had him but still love hearing the stories of how I thought I was giving him commands while my dad stood behind me giving him hand signals.  From that time we/I always had animals.  Whether it was my first Hamster that I pretty much stole from my older brothers, that I loved taking care of at the age of 4 named Scruffy.  Or my moms bird Scarlet, a Conure, that I loved because he would come sit on my shoulder and was hand fed, a true lover even though he wasn't a love bird!   Well of course they all had animals so I had to have one too.  I begged and begged my parents to get a dog and finally they gave in and I got my first dog, Charlie, a Cocker Spaniel when I was 6.  And ever since then I've had a dog, a cat or both.  I think I love animals so much because they are so innocent, and no matter what kind of day you're having to come home to their cute little faces is just uplifting.  And they love you unconditionally!  So what better a job for me than to work with what I love. :-)

My baby Barkley

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